Back to square one

I’ve been MIA since 2012 and I want to start fresh with Tumblr. From being 18 to no longer being a teenager, a lot has changed for the past two years. I want to believe that I haven’t changed, that I’m still that 18-year old carefree young lady who gets EVERYTHING she wants when she works hard for it but I’m just not. Even my taste in music has changed. The way I see things, my perspective about the world, my understanding about life, EVERYTHING. Being on your 20’s is not easy. People expect you to be a responsible grown up, and you should be. Life has just recently suckerpunched me in the face even when I played by its rules. And I have no one else to blame but myself even when I know it’s not ENTIRELY my fault. This part of the adulthood, I’m still trying to comprehend WHY, but at least I’m slowly getting back on track. I have to. You learn from a failure and you move on. I’ve come to realize that even when you work hard for something, even when you abide by the laws of universe, you will not get EVERYTHING you want. That’s the downside of being an adult. Because for some unknown reason, you don’t just give your all and expect something in return. That’s not how it’s done. Even when you work hard for something, if you don’t deserve it, you will not get it. And if you do deserve it, you don’t just get committed. You work EXTRA hard for it. Entering the adult world is working with something familiar to be able to learn the new ones.

And this time, when you learn it, you apply it, and you need to be good at it. 

Thank you for the wonderful memories and extraordinary battles, 2012! This year has been a roller coaster ride for me. It has its ups and downs, but it has been a one sweet ride. Just like they say, ‘Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ‘ko!’ Cheers to a new chapter! :)


cool :o

i’ve never been on a subway before but I love this

Sky of Fire (by emanuelk)

if this isn’t on your blog today im judging you

4 fucking days holy shit
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