it’s almost kirk long’s birthday! :) he’s turning 23.. I’m seventeen and twenty-three isn’t that old for me, right? hehe.

my bitter friends say that i’m a weirdo. i don’t think that’s fair. why would you think of me that way if ur my friend. right? BV. tae! snasabi pa nila PANGIT si kirk and…

so, i’m planning to eat pasta ALONE on his birthday. :)”

LOL LEXI. I FIND THIS LINE SOOOOO FUNNY. =)) Hay nako lexi. SIMON ATKINS IS SOOOO MUCH POGI-er/SEXIER/HOTTER/BETTER than your KIRK LONG. Go ask everyone else. HAHAHA. Di kita inaaway, just stating the facts. HAHA. Yer prolly tumblring at the desks of the lib now while we, keysean and I, are currently looking for gowns. Keysean’s excited for her deubt! HAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, 2.30 na pala. We’ll log out na at Cybrary. SWIMMING TIME. Lilipat pa tayo sa DentSci. Tinatamad ako maglakad, hehe. Love youuuu lexi :)) See ‘ya laterrrr.

Posted on 18th August 2011
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