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This dog thinking he owns everything!! #likeaboss (Taken with Instagram)
Watched #Prometheus today with siblings. Lamest and most nonsense ending, everrrr. (Taken with Instagram)
Joy ridinggg with the fam (Taken with Instagram)
Left photo: Red matte nail polish; Right photo: Ordinary nail polish (Taken with instagram)
Zombies. @airahjen (Taken with instagram)
Didn’t sleep just to post a video goofing around!! :)) (Taken with instagram)
Can’t stop her @airahjen from youtube-ing!! (Taken with instagram)
Finally, after hours of wait!! #SansrivalCake (Taken with instagram)
Hellooooo Cello’s (Taken with instagram)
My sticky note pads expense tracker. I started this summer. Shocks, I need to save more :/ (Taken with instagram)
I miss these chikkababes. Hahaha @gellybabes :)))) (Taken with instagram)
My buffalo wings w/ cheese dip ;) It was a success! Hooray! No under-cooked/overcooked chicken today! Money well spent ;) My b.wing’s actually a prize for my boyfriend because he did well in his studies. I made one today for a ‘taste test’ ;) It turned out really really good!! (and spicy)Grabe, I’m so proud of myself for not overcooking these wings!!! 
Ube cake for breakfast (Taken with instagram)
Sleeping pogi :) (Taken with instagram)
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