My little Huey!! :* :):) (Taken with instagram)
Soul sisterr :) (Taken with instagram)
Pesto and frap :) (Taken with instagram)
Im in the mood for floral today. Ahahaha (Taken with instagram)
With mariz and reina @ jj’s. Missed these girls :):) (Taken with instagram)
Bubble Crush Tea shop. The one that I was talking about in my previous tweets. (Taken with instagram)
Good morning!! Off to Alabang..again (Taken with instagram)
Scarlettttt lovingggg #maarte (Taken with instagram)
Alabang in a bittt :):) (Taken with instagram)
Look at me noooow #bored (Taken with instagram)
Was planning on riding that one but it was waay too expensive for only one round. Ohwell. (Taken with instagram)
Blast from the past: October

October was the start of our term break. Means….. NO CLASSES FOR A MONTH! Yay! I can’t remember everything that had happened that month but I can tell you about having a new baby brother! His name’s Huey, and he’s officially the BABY of the family.

Oh, and because of ultimate boredom, I baked muffins (which is pretty successful).

together with my cousin. She went here that afternoon and I asked for her help in baking. And voila! This actually tastes good. We suck at being cooks but hey, we’re better at being bakers!  lol.

October was the rest month also for my mom. She used her vacation leave same date as our term break so that we could spend some quality time together. And by quality time, we mean eating, shopping and strolling. 

Here we are, strolling around Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

Then we ended up riding a boat ;)

Skipping to Debut. This was the birth month of my childhood friend, Kim. She turned 18th last October 26th. I was one of her 18 candles. ;)

My brothers, sister, childhood friend Ate Kath and I went together.

Who wouldn’t love a mirror shot wearing a duck face? HAHAHAHA 

The party was held at SMX Convention Center

And here comes my solo shots!

And of course, a photo with the debutante

I think this is all. Im not sure but these are only the photos I can find from that month. Stay tuned for another personal-photo blog! 

u had my Follow at sick, sadistic boozer

lol thanks, i guess :))

can you open hypster? i'm trying to open the website but all i can see is a blank side with an idiotic video in the bottom corner



Sorry if my Tumblr has been on hiatus since….. blaa

But I’M BAAAAAAAAAAACK! And to make it up to you guys, I’ll be posting MORE personal blogs! Yaaaay! (or not) Wait for it… I’m starting in

3… 2…. 1….



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